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"It was great to work with Scott, Margaret and the GNH Design team on the construction of our new home. We felt that Scott was able to confidently lead us through the brick and mortar side of new construction while Margaret and her team designed the interior of our home with unique and innovative ideas while still maintaining our personalities.  Four years later, we are still walking in and admiring our own house."

Anne & Steve from Minneapolis, MN

"GHN understood our family needs from the beginning, because they live in the community.  It started with the design build process and then continued through the interior finishes. They cared about quality as much as we did, and we felt like they were building a home for themselves, but it was for us.  They were mindful of our budget and the move-in date was reliable.  I felt good knowing they were going to build us a home that fit our family needs, in an area that I love, with excellent quality.  Great Neighborhood Homes is the perfect name!"

Lori from Edina, MN

"Having Great Neighborhood Homes knock down the house next door and build a new one in its place was a relatively painless experience. Scott met with us beforehand, showed us the plans and answered our questions. He put "No Construction Parking" signs in front of our house so we did not have workers parking there. He also had workers refrain from starting work (thus making noise) before 8:00 a.m. And in the end, we got a beautiful house next door–a definite improvement on what was there before."

John from Minneapolis, MN

"When we first considered the prospect of building a home, we knew we wanted to build with GNH.  Having been to previous GNH homes & hearing from friends how awesome Scott & Margaret are to work with, choosing GNH was the easy decision.  Building our home involved more decisions & not always easy ones but Scott had a very confident, yet calming effect throughout the pre-construction process. 

As a result of everyone's hard work, we are now very happy in our new home and we always receive compliments from our guests regarding the quality and beauty of the home GNH built for us.  I believe the greatest accolade is that I not only highly recommend them, but if I have another home built I want it done by GNH."

Becky & Chris from Edina, MN

"It was a pleasure working with Great Neighborhood Homes.  From the beginning, it was a creative conversation melding our wishes with their expertise.  From the structural elements to the interior design, we were pushed just enough to make sure the outcome was a home that was both current, but would stand the test of time.  Overall, the project was on-time and on-budget—which I am sure is a rarity in the greater world of home-building!  It was important to us that our home truly fit in our neighborhood and GNH delivered.  Our home received a BLEND award for doing just that."

Kathy & Dave from Minneapolis, MN

"Over the past 20 years I have been fortunate to have been involved in a number of building projects ranging from a hotel to a lake home to a major remodel and have never worked with a contractor as buttoned up as GNH.  The attention to detail and constant control over timelines and the budget was amazing.  I didn't think contractors were this sophisticated.  We always knew where we were with our budget, were given multiple choices and options for every element of construction, along with their solid advice.  Decisions were made far in advance so you never felt rushed, making the process of building actually enjoyable versus full of stress.  And their follow-up on the "punch list" and ensuring that our house runs like it was meant to was consistent and thorough.  We love our house and truly enjoyed the process.  Whatever our next construction project might be, we will be calling GNH and no one else.  They began as our contractors and ended as our friends."

Mark from Minneapolis, MN

"We loved our experience building with GNH. From the beginning, they listened to our vision and led the charge on a complete and total renovation in a historic neighborhood where people prize older homes.  So our project was a challenge from the start  - with lots of city issues and tight deadlines to boot - yet Scott & Margaret were so calm to work with and on top of things at all time. They were on-site all the time and accessible anytime to answer all our questions and provide detailed reports on budgets and timelines.  And their team - from the carpenters to designers to office staff - were great to work with.  They felt like family by the end of the project and we were actually sad to see them go when it was finished. Not many people can say that about their builders, which is a true testament to GNH.  We love our house and feel so fortunate not only to live here, but that we enjoyed the design and building of it so much."

Susan from Minneapolis, MN

When working with Erin, I felt that she would have given us what we wanted regardless of her personal style.  She was a “real” person and I enjoyed it since we spent a lot of time together.

It was important for us to like and enjoy spending time with the GNH team and the subs.  We could see how the team supported each other.  They worked together to communicate and it was obvious that they were meeting outside of our meetings to talk about our project.  They were all mindful of us and our home, and we knew that they were all engaged in the process.

Scott is passionate and full of energy, and it was obvious that he is keeping himself up to date on the every changing industry. He has a calming nature and we felt that he was authentic and he cared about all of us.

The design process truly started and ended with us.  GNH took our ideas and turned them into design elements in our home.  During the building process our family used an area at the top of the stairs as an “observation deck” to peek out the front of the house.  When we mentioned it to Scott, he immediately took out his tape measure and came up with a plan for us to keep the area for us to have in our home forever! 

GNH took our feedback and ideas to heart and only presented to us what they thought we would like.  We never felt like they were trying to design a house for them, we knew from the beginning that it was for our family.  I believe that this made the design and selections process faster and more satisfying.

We were worried that we would have so many choices during the selections process and we anticipated it to be overwhelming.  Since Erin showed us what she thought we would like, it was enjoyable and efficient.  She understood our sense of style, values and goals.

We loved the process! We took over 5000 photos!  The subs were friendly and willing to educate us about the process and about what their particular trade.  We learned so much and truly understood how our house was being built.  

Bill and Sara from Edina, MN

“We were thankful to have Great Neighborhood Homes build our new custom home in West Edina in the Indian Hills Neighborhood.  Because of the shape and elevation of our lot, we wanted to make sure that the lake in the backyard was a large part of the design equation with many views from our house. The Great Neighborhood Homes Team worked with us to create exactly what we wanted and we thought the process was fun and simple. We enjoyed giving them our thoughtful ideas and watching what they came up to meet the lifestyle needs of our family, including our dog!  We were honored to be asked to showcase our home on the 2015 Artisan Tour and it was the highest attended home on the tour with almost 2000 visits!”

 Joel and Amy from Edina, MN