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Advantages of GNH

The Advantages of Working with Great Neighborhood Homes

We provide comprehensive services.

As a specialty design-build firm, we build luxury custom homes, do major renovations and provide premium interior design services. Truly one-stop shopping! 

We take pride in our red-carpet level of service. During the design-build process, you will work directly with our team who will manage all aspects of your project and is on location every day to make sure every detail is in order. Our goal is to make your project simple and fun!

In addition, our design center at 50th & France allows you to work effectively with our designers to find furnishings that complement your personal style.

We make your project simple and fun.

At Great Neighborhood Homes, we craft only a few homes each year. That’s how we can effectively handle everything from site acquisition to construction to window treatments! You work only with us throughout the entire process – not a parade of bid managers, city staff, designers, architects and salespeople from every showroom in town that most builders send you to. The result is a simplified, organized process that is also enjoyable for our clients!  

We deliver value you can count on.

We know how to maximize the value of your investment and take the time to make sure every dollar is well spent. Detailed budgets and construction schedules allow you to monitor your project timeline, selections and costs. As a result, our homes have a higher level of finish, lower overall cost and better resale than other new homes.

Some of our cost-saving measures include:

  • Finding the right location on a block that will appreciate in value.
  • Designing your home with great curb appeal and a high level of finish to enhance resale value.
  • Building an energy efficient home to save you money on utilities.
  • Dealing directly with suppliers/vendors to eliminate the middleman.
  • Building faster (6 to 8 months), significantly reducing your carrying costs.
  • Recycling or reusing your teardown home material where possible.
  • Donating your teardown home materials, a potentially significant tax write-off for you.

We are part of the community. 

Owners Scott and Margaret Busyn have lived in the Edina area for more than 20 years. Because they understand the nuances of the Edina neighborhoods, they are able to match their clients with the perfect location for their home. 

Our service doesn’t stop on move-in day.

We can show you how to get your children into your favorite preschool, elementary or high school. We can help you find the right daycare, pediatrician or dentist. We can even sponsor you for membership at the country club. We’ll also make sure you have our contractor list for any future improvements you would like to make for your home!