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Building Green

Great Neighborhood Homes is a certified Minnesota Greenpath Builder

For many years, Great Neighborhood Homes has incorporated green building practices into our projects. Our new homes are designed for energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact. The materials we use are chosen for resource sustainability as well as quality and beauty. When we do a tear down we re-use, recycle or donate materials whenever possible – which often results in tax benefits for our clients.

What it means to be a Green Builder

It’s not easy to become a consistently Green Builder. Our Green Building philosophy focuses on the following key principles:

  • Energy Efficiency/ Low HERS Score
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Water Conservation
  • Indoor Environmental Quality 
  • Site/Community Impact

What it means to own a Green home

A Green home delivers health, environmental and financial benefits.  This means your custom home is a clean, comfortable environment where energy and water are used efficiently. Top-of-the-line ENERGY STAR appliances can significantly reduce utility bills and long-term operating costs. For all of these reasons, a Green home also helps to increase resale value!